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JMJ Bulk Packaging supply a wide range of high quality FIBCs (Bulk Bags). Each bag designed and manufactured for the specific client application in the most appropriate locations and environments.

Type A

Normal bag for regular use

Suitable for the majority of applications. All bags are UV stabilised, and manufactured to independently verifiable standards

Type B

As Type A with some anti-static properties

Reduces static build up as a result of product flow. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE IN HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS. If any risk of explosion exists one of the following MUST be used.

Type C

Groundable Conductive bag

Conducts all static electricity immediately and safely to earth. This bag requires manual earth connection.

Type D

Dissipative Anti-Static bag

Dissipates static electricity safely into atmosphere. This bag does not requires any earth connection.

Q Bag

Maximises usable volume

Internal baffles retain the inherent cuboid shape of the bag, reducing wasted space between bags caused by “rounding” by up to 30%.


For containment of fine powders

Coated fabrics and special stitching techniques combined to produce bags that can completely contain powders to 10 microns.

UN Certified

For hazardous materials

Controlled specification bags, tested to the highest standards for guaranteed containment of dangerous and hazardous materials.


For unassisted handling

Rapidly increasing in popularity, these bags can be lifted without assistance in positioning loops, leading to quicker, safer and more efficient materials handling.

Lifting Options

Type T

Type Z

Type Q

Type M

Type E

Type D

Filling and emptying options

Style OCB

Style OBS

Style FDB

Style KGB



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